Overview of Treatments for TMJ, Facial Pain and Oral Pain

Dr. Nojan offers the most advanced and evidence-based treatment options for TMJ, facial pain, oral pain and related headaches.

“Don’t leave TMJ and orofacial pain treatments to guesswork.”

Treatments will always be personalized to you, your condition and your treatment approach preferences. We understand that some patients do not like taking medications, while others are afraid of needles, or have life-styles that prevent them from wearing a bite guard. Learn more about what happens at your first visit with Dr. Nojan Bakhtiari, DDS, FAAOP. For that reasons, we offer the full range of treatment options available including:

Oral appliance therapy (comfortable and custom bite guards, nightguards, splints)

Therapeutic injections (such as trigger point muscle injections, nerve blocks, and botox®), PRP

Steroid injections jaw joint (TMJ) and associated tendons

Compounded Topical Pain Medications and mouth rinses

Jaw stretching exercises and physical therapy modalities