In the event that you’re dealing a significant snoring or wheezing issue, it’s essential to decide the underlying driver of the issue. It is however difficult to find the root cause of snoring unless you consult with a TMJ doctor. Despite the fact that your wheezing might be brought about by a blend of elements, one of the most eminent causes is TMJ. Likewise referred to just as a “skewed jaw,” TMJ and different issues with your temporomandibular joint could be your essential worry in the fight against snoring.

Does TMJ Cause Snoring or Wheezing?

So what’s the connection among TMJ and snoring? Indeed, studies have shown that the people who wheeze frequently have issues with their temporomandibular joints. This joint is situated on the lower jaw, and it is associated with your skull. Encircled by facial muscles, this joint permits you to swallow and bite. At the point when your jaw becomes skewed as a result of issues with the temporomandibular joint, your tongue can become dislodged. This thus can make your tongue to some degree block your aviation route, bringing about wheezing. In serious cases, TMJ could in fact prompt sleep apnea.

Most Generic OSFA Mouthguards are Totally Counterproductive for TMJ

Most one-size-fits-all mouthguards available today completely neglect to address the connection among wheezing and TMJ. They frequently aggravate this issue, truth be told. Rather than focusing on the tongue, these gadgets move your jaw into abnormal, agonizing positions. Not in the least does this make it difficult to nod off, yet it can cause TMJ. As such, these gadgets can lead to additional issues than they address.

The general purpose of this snoring gadget is most importantly to assist you with getting more rest, so how could you tolerate these abnormal, excruciating mouthguards? Also, your wheezing could deteriorate when you wear these cumbersome contraptions, as they can cause TMJ and other jaw issues. Furthermore, as we’ve previously settled, there is a connection among wheezing and TMJ, and these inadequate wheezing gadgets can cause an endless loop that you ought to stay away from no matter what. Instead of going with a one size fits all mouthgaurd from websites like Amazon, you can receive a custom fit night guard from our TMJ doctor’s office in Manhattan.

Why a custom Night Guard from Dr. Nojan Bakhtiari is an good solution for TMJ

A Night Guard is an improved answer for various reasons. Rather than moving your jaw into abnormal positions, this gadget focuses on the fundamental reason for wheezing, which is obviously the tongue. Both the upper and lower part of this gadget highlight tori that delicately guide your tongue forward, down, and away from your aviation route. This keeps the aviation route clear consistently. With this gadget, you can stay away from a scope of issues, like TMJ, wheezing, and deficient rest. Truth be told, the Night Guard Framework might prevent jaw issues from creating in any case, as it keeps you from grating your teeth. Night guards also prevent jaw locking in the morning.

Furthermore, the Night Guard was intended to be basically as agreeable as possible while being super slim, adaptable, and lightweight. Even better, this gadget is 100 percent adjustable, and that implies we can form it to fit the special shapes of your mouth. Rather than those off-kilter, one-size-fits-all mouthguards, you can accomplish a customized, cozy fit that won’t influence your capacity to nod off.

Dr. Bakhtiari has extensive experience and training in diagnosing and treating TMJ and headaches. He will help you determine whether your headache, jaw and facial pain, is due to a migraine, tension-type headache or due to TMJ. After this, the TMJ doctor will administer various TMJ treatments to relieve your symptoms.