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Jaw Pain During Pregnancy
Experiencing TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) discomfort during and after pregnancy is common for many expecting mothers. Dr. Nojan Bakhtiari is a TMJ and Oral Facial Pain specialist with an office on Park Ave in Manhattan, offers specialized treatments to support women dealing with TMJ issues during and after pregnancy.
Pregnancy-related hormonal changes, increased stress, altered posture, and disrupted sleep patterns are just some of the many lifestyle changes that often exacerbate TMJ symptoms in expecting mothers. Dr. Bakhtiari provides a range of treatments targeted at addressing TMJ concerns in expecting and postpartum mothers.

Some of the common TMJ symptoms experienced by women is jaw-locking in the morning, limited range of motion in the jaw, and pain while eating, however there are a wide range of symptoms related to TMJ disorder experienced by pregnant women.

Our treatments include

• Oral appliance therapy (comfortable and custom bite guards, nightguards, splints)
• Therapeutic injections (such as trigger point muscle injections, nerve blocks, and botox®), PRP
• Steroid injections jaw joint (TMJ) and associated tendons
• Compounded Topical Pain Medications and mouth rinses
• Jaw stretching exercises and physical therapy modalities